The Project Theme

WTS is an international organization dedicated to building the future of transportation through the global advancement of women.
— Excerpt from the WTS International Mission Statement

The public art installed in South Station will embrace WTS’ mission by focusing on the theme of women in movement. The piece should reflect generations of women moving women upward and enabling movement of people and goods.  It represents peers working to improve prospects for women in transportation, and as creators of infrastructure and services, responsible for transporting people and goods throughout the United States and abroad. WTS also considers “the spirit of community, inclusiveness, and mutual support… one of our greatest assets.” To this end, the public art should engage viewers to understand women’s role in transportation. Furthermore, the piece should be dynamic and highlight its location within one of the most prominent transit hubs in the city of Boston.

For Artists

More information for artists interested in getting involved, including the RFQ and site-specific information.

History of Public Art

The MBTA was the first public transit agency to have a formal public art program. Learn more about its history here!

MBTA Art Gallery

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